CubiQ Scooter rack Bicycle racks and service stations

Brand : FINBIN

The CubiQ Scooter rack has been developed in collaboration with cities. Various micro-mobility solutions have increased their popularity tremendously. Unfortunately, the shadow of popularity is that the electric scooters are randomly left around the city. They can cause dangerous situations and are also challenging the cityscape.

With the CubiQ Scooter, the scooters are neatly arranged. It also works with parking normal non-electrical scooters. The CubiQ Scooter is part of the CubiQ product family and can be connected to e.g. into a bicycle rack assembly. For example with CubiQ Premium and Standard bicycle racks.

The CubiQ Scooter rack is ideal for city centers, school yards, kindergardens and, for example, in front of office buildings.

The CubiQ product family is entirely compatible with our shelter models AkvaVarioViva and Basic.


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    Tech specs


    Width: 2190 mm
    Height: 700 mm
    Depth: 200 mm

    Standart equipment

    Frame: zinc primed + powder coated steel
    Scooter bracket: zinc-primed + powder-coated steel, “sandwich” construction with a rubber edge between them to prevent damage to the scooter body

    Additional information

    Other RAL colours available
    There is the possibility of accentuated double coloring, in which case the attachment points come in a different color than the frame

    Files / Drawings

    Product sheetDWG


    Hot-Dip Galvanized and Powder Coated





    See the completed works here

    A new energy-efficient building of the Merivälja kindergarten was opened in Tallinn's Pirita district, with room for 240 children. The old depreciated 8-group building of the Merivälja kindergarten was demolished and a new 10-group building with a child-friendly learning environment was built in its place. The new house is completely modern and exceptionally spacious. In the yard of the Merivälja kindergarten, you can find our Ecosens park benches and Ecosens litter bins, which beautifully decorate the green areas of the kindergarten. In addition, there are Mey bike racks suitable for small children bikes and scooter racks from the CubiQ series. In this way, the play area of the kindergarten can be well kept in order. On the playground, you can also find our great swings, a car and a ship.