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Brand : PARKIS

PARKIS is a bicycle lift – smart people‘s smart choice. PARKIS is a space saver. It acquaints you with a new space-saving reality. Parking your bike with PARKIS will save you at least 40 % of the floor space. PARKIS is a game-changer. It is an automatized space-saving bicycle lift designed for graceful and uncluttered living. With PARKIS you can be sure of an elegant design and a user-friendly product.

PARKIS BASIC is the most popular model. It has a warm yellow design. The famous yellow colour has made this model the most recognisable and favoured version of PARKIS. Made of anodised aluminium and galvanised/painted steel. The latest model comes with preinstalled Booster Set for heavier bicycles (e-bikes)!

PARKIS – an easy and smart bicycle parking! It is an automatized bicycle parking lift, which allows you to vertically park your bicycle without any physical effort. PARKIS lets you free up precious storage floor space at home, in your office, garage or balcony. It is eco-friendly, entirely mechanical equipment, which does not require electricity.


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    Tech specs


    Length: 150 mm

    Width: 344 mm

    Height: 1700 mm


    Wall mounting with bolts

    Additional information

    Maximum tire width: 61mm (2.4″)
    Max Rim + Tire Total Height: 77mm (3.0″)
    Wheel diameter: 61 cm (24 inches) or more
    Recommended weight: up to 30 kg (66 lb)
    the end of the mud flap must be above the wheel axle



    Zinc Primer and Powder Coated