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CubiQ Premium bicycle rack Bicycle racks and service stations

Brand : FINBIN

CubiQ Standard and Premium bicycle rack are developed together with architects, landscape designers and cyclists. The product family development began with the desire to develop a more user-friendly and secure solution for parking bikes. Together with architects, landscape designers and cyclists we wanted to achieve the best possible end result.

The solution enables frame locking and is suitable for all public spaces that require the product to be user-friendly, durable and secure.

CubiQ Standard and Premium are truly modular bike rack models, where the distance between the arches can be freely adjusted by the client, also after installation. There are one- and two-sided versions of both CubiQ models, and CubiQ can also be used to create long rows of bike racks. The three-step adjustment of the arches’ angle lets you point them left, right or to the centre. To make the choice a little easier, we offer three standard distances for the arches: 420, 500 and 600 mm.

The CubiQ product family is entirely compatible with our shelter models AkvaVarioViva and Basic.


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    Tech specs


    One-sided: 720 mm
    Two-sided: 1380 mm

    Height: 615 mm

    Additional information

    Other RAL colours available;
    There is the possibility of accentuated double coloring, in which case the arches are a different color than the rest of the stand.

    Files / Drawings

    DWGProduct sheet


    Hot-Dip Galvanized and Powder Coated