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Scooter rack Patin

Bicycle and scooter racks become more and more popular – small and convenient scooters have appeared in our cities to remain here. Alongside with CubiQ Scooter rack, the scooter rack Patin is a new element in our selection of street furniture. Parking your scooter in front of a shopping centre or office building is quick and easy with Patin. This rack can be used for five scooters. Upon joining modules, you can increase the number of parking spaces. The scooter rack has many holes you can use for locking your scooter with a padlock or bicycle lock. You can use a padlock for locking your scooter.


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Width: 970 mm
Height: 660mm
Depth: 200 mm
Diameter of posts: 120 mm


Fixed on the ground with anchor bolts


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Product: Scooter rack Patin

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