About us

We make people’s common spaces better through modern, functional and durable urban furniture. Whether it’s a modern trash can, a smart bicycle rack, a comfortable park bench or an economical garbage house – Dambis is committed to finding a product that serves the interests of both users and the environment at the same time.

1000+happy customers

20+years of experiences

4500+successful projects


We have worked for many years to create a product range that includes Scandinavian design, outdoor furniture from well-known brands in Europe, as well as custom-made design solutions. We constantly keep our finger on the pulse of changes so that we can contribute with our best advice and strength to the shaping of a crisp Nordic cityscape.

A good public space is a place that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also unites all people of different backgrounds who move, act and spend time in it. A sustainable living environment can keep up with the times and the needs of the residents and support the community in every way. Our mission is to create an urban space that invites people out of their homes and offers them positive emotions at every step.

We want to offer you the best service in the field. The key to achieving this is simple – we always maintain the highest level of communication between the customer and the company, as well as the quality of our products. Thanks to this, the Tallinn-based family business based on Estonian capital has become a clear market leader in its field. We believe in a better future and contribute to it every day.


People’s lifestyles and needs are changing more and more rapidly. The urban space is increasingly thirsty for high-quality, smart and multifunctional solutions that would serve the interests of all different social groups. We have made it our goal to quench this thirst and lead the creation of a modern and livable urban space.

Social responsibility

Everyone has the same environment. Therefore, our products are made using environmentally friendly technologies and materials. We make sure that, in addition to looking nice, our products are also practical, easy to maintain and durable. With us, you can make an investment in an environmentally friendly future and the sustainable development of society.

Community and Sponsorship

Urban space is much more than just streets, houses and things – it is a place where people come together and where their lives pass. Therefore, we also consider it important to support the community with direct means – we have sponsored several campaigns and initiatives pointing to the pain points of society. We believe that good thoughts are worth realizing and that everything good comes back to the creator.

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