In our view, urban furniture is beautiful, in good condition, durable and safe. In addition to urban furniture, we also offer all the services you may need when choosing, ordering and using urban furniture.

Street furniture installation

The installation service is generally an integral part of our cooperation with our clients. You order a park bench, fitness equipment or litter bins and we ensure top-quality products with their proper installation. Our sales representatives will help you with the preliminary work for the installation already when making the initial product selection. Our warranty for the installation is two years. The clients can also opt out from the installation service and set up the playground or other products themselves. In such cases, we will provide no guarantee for the installation.

Street furniture maintenance

Dambis wishes to make sure that the cityscape and the products in the public space are attractive, clean and well maintained. Our long experience in the sector has shown that annual regular maintenance of street furniture will extend its life cycle 2-3 times and considerably helps to cut the costs in the long run. In case you feel that your park bench needs a new layer, the fasteners for the bin requires a check or you wish some other form of maintenance for your street furniture – just leave it to us. Our qualified maintenance team will ensure the springtime freshness of the cityscape by restoring the street furniture’s attractive look. We offer street furniture maintenance services only in Estonia.

Street furniture design service

Public sector companies have often asked for solutions to customise their products by engraving the name of the town or people on the products, attaching particular signs etc. So, Dambis also provides various design services. For instance, we design stickers on litter bins to make waste sorting easier and more personalised. Engravings on street furniture allow people to leave their mark and Dambis offers the given service on park benches and seats. Litter bins, benches or bicycle racks are no longer merely functional products with the design aspect left in the background. Times are changing and the contemporary trends include bold colours, interesting design solutions and high-quality materials.


Dambis remains with its clients every step of the way even after the product installation. We help you to decide which products suit your project best and assist you with any practical issues, for instance, with finishing touches, installation and maintenance.