Merivälja kindergarten, Pirita

A new energy-efficient building of the Merivälja kindergarten was opened in Tallinn’s Pirita district, with room for 240 children. The old depreciated 8-group building of the Merivälja kindergarten was demolished and a new 10-group building with a child-friendly learning environment was built in its place. The new house is completely modern and exceptionally spacious.

In the yard of the Merivälja kindergarten, you can find our Ecosens park benches and Ecosens litter bins, which beautifully decorate the green areas of the kindergarten. In addition, there are Mey bike racks suitable for small children bikes and scooter racks from the CubiQ series. In this way, the play area of the kindergarten can be well kept in order. On the playground, you can also find our great swings, a car and a ship.