3 things to notice when choosing a bicycle holder

Cycling is fun, environmentally friendly and good for your health. Many city planners and building owners share this opinion, and they are increasingly taking care to ensure that there are enough places for bicycle parking.

But unfortunately, you can also see unfortunate cases where good things were intended, but the opposite came out. For example, there is a bicycle rack, but its installation is inconvenient, difficult or even impossible, so the bikes are attached to lamp posts or trees instead. Space, money and material have been wasted on an empty bike rack.

To prevent this from happening, we advise which bike rack is practical, comfortable and safe. All in order to move together towards a healthier society and cleaner nature.

The Facebook group “Eesti rattarikkaks!”, which is followed by eight thousand people, is dedicated to praising and criticizing solutions that promote cycling. We also keep an eye on this in order to offer the best solutions for bike lovers. There, many members write which bike racks they prefer and which ones they bypass with a big arc. We outline their main criteria.

1. The bike must be able to be attached to the frame

Bike racks, where the bike has to be fixed by the front wheel, could become a thing of the past. This is for several reasons. First, it makes stealing a breeze: the bad guy removes the front wheel from the bike and makes off with the rest of the bike. Second, not all people can squat or bend well to zip on the front wheel. Third, the front wheel mounts can break the rim.

Most bikes have a frame height of about 80 centimeters, so a bike rack of about the same height is suitable for them. However, the frame of a children’s bicycle or some other bicycle model is lower, and in this case there is nothing to do with a bicycle holder, where the only attachment point at this height is the only one.

So a good choice is, for example, a U-shaped closed holder, where the highest place is at full height with the wheel, but a wheel with a lower frame can also be attached to the side post. A good solution is, for example, our 0.8 meter high Sandwich, which can accommodate two bicycles.

Bike gurus also find the circular bike holder very practical, where every bike owner can find a tube part that fits the frame of his bike. Such is, for example, Omega with its elegant lines.

2. There must be enough space for the bike

When drawing parking lines in car parks, the fact that there should be at least half a meter of empty space between two cars is taken into account. Unfortunately, such foresight does not often extend to bicycle parking lots. You can often see bike racks filled with only less than half of the planned spaces: it is not possible to squeeze your own between other bikes.

There could be about one meter between two parked bikes. If there is no room to spread out, 0.8 meters is also enough, but below that it becomes narrow. For example, the Edge bike rack with spacious gaps can easily accommodate even mountain bikes with thick tires. Edge is well suited for attaching both adult and children’s bikes.

Another option is to choose a separate bike rack, which can be placed as wide as the conditions allow. Such is the case with Tomi, among others.

In addition, you must definitely think about whether the front wheel of the bicycle will also fit nicely. If the bike holder is pushed too far against the wall, there is not enough space for the front wheel and the bike will no longer fit in the holder.

The center of the bike rack perpendicular to the wall should be at least a meter away from the wall. If the bike rack is at an angle of 45 degrees to the wall, the center can also be 0.8 meters away, but not less. If you don’t have enough space, the Move bike rack comes to the rescue, which can also be ordered with a 45-degree angle.

3. Consider whether the bike rack can damage the frame’s paint

Many bike enthusiasts consider the advantage of a square bike rack (such as U2) to be that the pedal can be supported against the side tube. This is good in situations where the bike rack is on an incline – then the bike stays in place – and if the owner doesn’t want to rest the bike frame on metal, as it could damage the frame’s paint.

Pedal support does not have to be the only solution to prevent damage. Scratches and paint damage can be prevented by the BikeMe bike holder, which is covered with soft rubber strips. The beautifully designed Velone, made of tropical wood, also helps protect the paint. The bike rack with a natural look is ideal next to health paths and rustic buildings.

Other useful solutions

An efficient and properly installed bike rack could be normal in a human-friendly living environment. In addition, it is good if there are other helpers for bicycle owners – for example, a bicycle pump is useful at schools, sports and shopping centers. Compact wheel pump The pump is suitable for filling various wheel tires and is also equipped with a manometer to fix the pressure levels.

Bike cleaning stands and maintenance stands offer a quick solution to everyday bike-related problems. The cleaning stand Net contains two brushes with special functions that allow you to comfortably clean all parts of the bicycle. In the maintenance stand Biki, you will find tools that are helpful in getting a broken bike back on the road quickly. The tools are locked with a reinforced steel cable, and the service stand starts working after inserting a coin.

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