Doing good deeds in Südamesoov TV show

Dambis is committed to bringing urban space and people together, creating positive emotions. The show “Südamesoov”, hosted by Keili Sükijainen, is based on this idea – to help fulfill the wishes hidden in the heart and bring joy to those who have also done a lot of good for others.

Season 5 Episode 3 we see a special project where Peep wanted to give the kids a new playground. Together, Dambis and Benito helped make this wish come true. The chosen one was Combo 6, which is a wonderful playground with swings where children can happily spend time. Several children can swing at the same time. The set includes two swings with a seat and one ring swing.

A new playground was built for the children of the Tartu family home, where the Combo 6 swings, chosen in cooperation between Dambis and Benito, bring joy and smiles to the face. According to educators, swings are more than just toys, they have a therapeutic effect, calming children and supporting their development. When the children entered the playground, their faces were filled with pure joy and it was a moment that warmed both their hearts and ours. It is good to do good.

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