Urban furniture on the map: Check out our projects from all over Estonia! 

 At Dambis, we are proud of our extensive portfolio of urban furniture projects that have transformed public spaces into vibrant and functional environments. To provide our customers with a convenient way to explore our work, we’ve created a Google Maps feature that shows the locations of our biggest projects in recent years. Our urban furniture can be found in almost all Estonian cities, up to the picturesque islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. Even internationally, we are represented in places like Latvia and Israel. We will take you on a virtual tour through the projects we have made on the map. 


Researching local projects: 

Our Google Maps function allows you to navigate through Estonian cities and settlements where you can see Dambis urban furniture. In the capital Tallinn, in the center of intellectual life in Tartu, in the summer capital Pärnu, you can see how our urban furniture has improved the public space. We have also offered urban furniture solutions in the idyllic Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. Adding both style and functionality in the form of park benches, litter bins, plant containers and bike racks. Our urban furniture blends perfectly with the urban or natural environment, into the streets, parks, promenades, creating inviting spaces for both locals and guests. 

Outside of Estonia 

Outside the borders of Estonia, our urban furniture has reached international destinations. With strong cooperation in Latvia, our products have left a lasting impression on the urban landscapes of our neighboring country. Furthermore, our influence has extended even further. 

How does the card help you? 

Our Google Maps feature is designed with our customers in mind. By including our project locations, we want to provide a convenient and interactive tool for those looking for inspiration or considering our products for their own urban development projects. Regardless of whether you are an architect, urban planner or municipality representative, this map offers a good overview of the work we do. 

With Google Maps, exploring our urban furniture projects has never been easier. Both in Estonia and internationally, Dambis’ commitment to creating a functional and innovative public space can be seen. We invite you to explore the map! 

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