Modern solutions for public space 


From time to time we find ourselves in a situation where we are looking for well-matched urban furniture products, but they are not easy to find. Allow us to present some products that fit together perfectly in a modern public space. 

Plant container Peta 

Spring is just around the corner and now is the high time to think about adding greenery to public spaces. One of our new products is Peta, a modern plant box with a simple form, available in several sizes, designs and finishes. Oak, spruce, pine and tropical wood – the range of wood finishes includes them all. Peta is suitable for parks, streets and squares next to different types of urban furniture. The frame of the plant container, made of hot-dip galvanized steel, is powder coated. The inner container of the flower box is made of strong plastic and equipped with drainage holes to prevent flooding of the plants. It is a practical and stylish plant container that creates a modern atmosphere in public spaces. 

Dambis-Taimekonteinerid-Taimekonteiner Peta-8

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Litter bin Mag 

Gives citizens the opportunity to maintain cleanliness and order. The new universal litter bin Mag includes several variations, fitting perfectly into any room. Trash cans are available with or without a lid, on legs or on a base, and in two different volumes with the option of bio-waste. The front panel can be made of horizontal or vertical wooden slats, sheet metal, bent metal sheet or stainless steel. The trash can also has a removable polypropylene container. 

Dambis-Prügikastid-Prügikast Mag-7

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Liter bin Bas 

If you are looking for a more rounded alternative to the Mag bin, the Bas bin is just that. The simple litter bin series is based on simpler geometric shapes – cubes and cylinders. The series is produced in four designs: square with a capacity of 70 and 40 liters and round with a base or central leg with a capacity of 35 liters. You can also see the trash bin Ba at Tallinn Airport – read more about the project

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Park bench Penta 

Create pleasant green areas with the Penta Islands modular park bench. By varying, it is possible to create very exciting compositions according to the space you are designing. The modern design of the park bench is well suited to urban environments, such as squares or other larger spaces. The structure of the bench is made of galvanized steel and treated with powder paint. The seat part of the bench is made of strong wooden parts, which are attached to the metal part of the bench with stainless screws. The connections between the modules are also made of stainless steel. 


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By combining the trash can Mag or Bas with the plant container Peta and the park bench Penta, you create a truly modern and original space. 

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