MusicBall Interactive street furniture


The fun starts immediately by spinning the handle to generate Human Powered Energy. This energy is used to fill the playground with beautiful music and stories! Both young and old just can’t resist to give the MusicBall a spin.

The fun is endless! Playing is a crucial element in the development of children and even adults!

Inside of the MusicBall there’s a USB stick which holds all the music. Simply pull it out and put a different .mp3 file on it and now your MusicBall has new content! Next to the USB stick there’s a volume knob and a switch to play the music in alphabetical order or in a random order.

Installation of the MusicBall is a breeze because there are no power cables or sockets needed, it works on Human Powered Energy!


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    Tech specs


    Length: 460 mm
    Width: 460 mm
    Height: 680 mm
    Weight: 28 kg