AudioZone Interactive street furniture


The AudioZone is a truly unique piece of playground equipment designed for endless play possibilities. Spin the handle in the middle to generate Human Powered Energy, pick a game by hitting one of the four Sidekicks and play!

There are four fun and unique games to choose from: Memory, Lights Out, Dance Battle and Follow the Light.
Games are played by running around and hitting the Sidekicks. Hit the Sidekicks with a ball, your feet or jump on them! Music and LED lighting create an unforgettable and fun experience everytime again. The AudioZone can be played by one person or by a group of friends.

Installation is easy peasy because there’s no need for power cables or sockets, it works on Human Powered Energy. Play is an essential element in the development of any person, young and old, the AudioZone offers just that, pure fun and play.


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    Tech specs


    Center ball:

    ​Length: ​4​00 mm
    Width: 400 mm
    Height: ​​670 mm


    ​Length: ​4​00 mm
    Width: 400 mm
    ​Height: ​250 mm

    Total weight: 90 ​kg

    Drawings / Files

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