KineticSeesaw Interactive street furniture


Riding the Playnetic KineticSeesaw now generates super sustainable Human Powered Energy. This energy is used to create music and an awesome lightshow with interactive LED lighting. The heavy duty steel material and durable powder coat finish means that this Kineticseesaw will stand up to the elements to provide fun for years! A secure rubber stopper is attached under each seat for added safety and comfort.

Hold on tight to the Playnetic KineticSeesaw because you’re in for a ride! Inside of the KineticSeesaw, behing the service cover, there’s a volume knob, a switch to play the songs in alphabetical or random order and a USB port. Changing songs on the KineticSeesaw is very easy. Simply insert a USB stick with .mp3 music files, start using the KineticSeesaw till you hear ‘’uploading data completed, please remove USB device.’’ It’s that simple.


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    Tech specs


    Length: 3456 mm
    Width: 845 mm
    Height: 311 mm
    Weight: 150 kg