DJ-Post Interactive street furniture


​Spin the wheel, play a song on your phone, place your phone on the pick-up pad and listen to the music! The DJ-Post amplifies the sound from your phone! YouTube, Spotify or locally stored music, it all works!

The DJ-Post can turn any playground or public space into a party for everyone to be enjoyed! Just keep Spinning the wheel to generate Human Powered Energy!

The user produces the energy for the DJ-Post, so there’s no need for power cables or sockets! This makes installation a breeze.

The DJ-Post also helps a great deal in the development of social and musical skills, these are essential for everyone! Music makes the world a better place, especially when you make it yourself and share it!

​Note: from now on the DJ-Post is powder coated and not galvanized.


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    Tech specs


    Length: ​​280 mm
    Width: ​280 mm
    ​Height: ​1120 ​mm
    Weight: ​50 kg