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Bollard TELESCOPIC Bollards


The telescopic bollard is practical and easy to use. The lowering bollard is made of stainless steel. The barrier post has four reflective strips. The bollard cover is covered with an anti-slip coating. The bollard can be moved up automatically and moved down (manually) using a key.

The telescopic bollard is an ideal solution in places where it is necessary to limit the access of vehicles from time to time, allocate parking spaces or prevent the movement of pedestrians in a place that is temporarily forbidden to them. Pollar Teleskop is therefore suitable, for example, in front of entrances or accesses to parking garages, parking lots and buildings, where it is sometimes necessary to restrict the access of machines or people.

Made of AISI-304 stainless steel, the outer surface of the bollard is bright and polished and looks solid. The aesthetic appearance makes the telescopic bollard a beautiful, but also a practical and safe urban design element.

NB! The telescopic bollard can only be installed on dry ground. If necessary, drain the ground before installing the bollard to prevent water from collecting near the post. Check out the installation guide.


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    Tech specs


    Diameter: 140 mm
    Total height: 1265 mm
    Upper part: 500 mm
    Lower part: 745 mm

    Standard equipment

    4 white reflective strips
    Moves up automatically
    Moves down manually
    Movement using the triangular key


    Can be concreted into the soil
    Proper drainage is necessary in the soil


    Stainless Steel