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Robust and straight metal bollard TUK. The diameter of the bollard is 220mm and the height is 500mm. The size of the bollard makes it a strong and concrete road barrier. The Pollar TUK is primarily intended for limiting access areas to public roads or squares, for marking car-free areas in communities or for restricting parking lots and the like. 

 TUK is a semi-automatic telescopic bollard that operates with a key. This means that the bollard has automatic raising and manual lowering. Automatic locking in both positions, opening with DIN3223 triangular key. 


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    Tech specs


    Height from the ground: 500 mm

    Pylon diameter: 220 mm

    Drawer dimensions: 340x340x670 mm

    Thickness 4 mm

    Additional information

    Material and finish: stainless steel/satin

    Elevation system: Gas spring

    Climbing strength: 700 Nw

    Reflective strip: Yes, gray level II

    Key: Yes (triangular 10 mm )

    Possibility to provide a different key – Automatic locking: in both positions

    Impact resistance: 125,000 Jules

    Cycles: over 500,000

    Product code



    Stainless Steel