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Bollard Anti-Belier Bollards


Made of metal and stainless steel, the bollard Anti-Belier is an extremely durable barrier post. The mail cylinder is made of stainless steel and coated with epoxy primer and wrought iron tone powder paint. The inside of the post is hollow, the top part is removable, and if desired, the inside of the bollard can be filled with concrete, which adds even more durability to the bollard.

This bollard is effective for use in places where you need complete assurance that the post will withstand possible accidents and that it cannot be preyed off the ground by force. These can be vital buildings, territories with limited accessibility, traffic-dangerous places, quays or, for example, those building parts that are dangerously close to the highway.

The bollard is 1.5 meters high, of which approximately 0.5 meters is installed in the ground. This ensures the stability and durability of the bollard even in case of very strong collisions.


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    Tech specs


    Height: 1500 mm
    (including 500 mm in the ground)
    Diameter: 273 mm

    Standard equipment

    Stainless steel,
    primed and painted
    Removable cover

    Can be concreted into the soil

    Files / Drawings

    DWGProduct sheetDrawing


    Stainless Steel

    Powder-Coated steel