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Bollard Inox, made of high-gloss AISI-304 stainless steel, is a design element of a metropolitan urban space that can be used in a wide variety of traffic situations.

Inox series bollards are available in various sizes. Different sizes and a metropolitan look give Inox bollards an extremely wide scope of use. These bollards are well suited to the modern urban environment to secure pedestrian movement areas, to separate the path of cyclists from that of pedestrians or the sidewalk from the road, and to limit the free access of vehicles to houses.

The line of Inox bollards works well with modern architecture by solidly connecting them. At the same time, it is an extremely safe space divider that helps keep different traffic zones and road users firmly separated from each other.


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    Tech specs


    Height: 1000 mm
    Diameter: 90 mm


    Fixable in the soil

    Additional information

    A selection of models of different heights and diameters

    Files / Drawings

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    Stainless Steel

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