City, humans and plants – how to coexist?

In order to survive in the urban jungle, a person needs an environment that really resembles lush greenery. This was already known by King Nebuchadnezzar II, who had the magnificent Hanging Walls of Babylon built in the 6th century BC. Also in the cities of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, silver olive groves were planted and vines twisted along ancient walls.

In today’s society, where most of the world’s population lives in cities, we need urban greenery more than ever. This is also confirmed by the results of a survey conducted by Dambis on social media – 55% of Estonians want to see more trees, bushes, plants and greenery in the urban space. Seeing plants in an urban space is good for both our mental and physical health: it reduces stress, improves mood and is also beautiful to look at. The presence of plants encourages us to spend time outdoors, thus increasing community interaction and fostering interpersonal relationships.

A plant container fits anywhere in the city

One way to bring more greenery to the cityscape is to install plant containers in public places. Storytelling on a park bench becomes many times more pleasant and lively if it is decorated with a beautiful tree or a small flower bed. Since plants are known for their health-stimulating properties, the proximity of flowers also gives a boost to exercise on a public sports field.

All Dambis plant containers are designed in calm and natural colors and are suitable for use wherever people go together: on terraces, playgrounds, light traffic roads, fronts of houses and city streets.

Plant containers are easy to install in an urban space because they do not require separate fixing. For example, the Peta plant container with a stylish wood finish stands on four legs and is suitable for different surfaces – asphalt, stones, wood, grass, plastic, etc.

The plant container Gar has been created for those who are looking for maximum environmental sustainability. The 100% recycled plastic product carries the Blue Angel environmental label and is particularly suitable for waterside areas due to its durable material. Gar retains its strength and appearance even when constantly wet and is therefore an ideal decoration for harbor cafes and beach promenades.

The city needs greenery even in the winter months

When thinking about purchasing plant containers, do not be discouraged by the approaching winter. The Dambis range includes products that can withstand harsh northern weather conditions such as wind, rain, ice and snow. Evergreen trees are also perfect for Dambis plant containers: mountain pine and elm stand up especially well in the Estonian winter climate.

However, you must make sure that there is enough space for the roots of the ornamental tree in the pot. For example, the Ner plant container made of Cor-Ten steel plate is spacious and deep enough to accommodate a smaller tree.

If you want to transplant your tree into a Dambis container, it is not too late: potted trees can also be transplanted in October-November, when the soil is still soft. Although perennial plants can withstand even 15 degrees of cold, in case of severe frosts, the pot can be surrounded with snow or the plant can be wrapped in frost protection fabric.

Nature itself can also be a design element

Just as important as planting new plants is maintaining existing greenery. This is where Dambis urban furniture comes to the rescue, creating a compromise between nature and human habitation.

The Radiano circular park bench is designed so that it can be installed around tall trees or wide flower beds. This is a smart solution in a situation where a large and dignified tree grows in the middle of the street or square. Radiano brings people together while also leaving space for nature – everyone wins!

Another piece of furniture that shows respect for green is the square park bench Rosty, which is designed with a spacious opening for a tree to grow through. This is how nature itself has an effect as part of the interior design and visually adds a lot to leisure time.

Both Radiano and Rosty are weatherproof and resistant to use: the finish of the products takes into account the northern climate and the intensive use that inevitably accompanies outdoor furniture.

Plants are supported by a healthy living environment

Samamoodi, nagu saame looduse linna tuua ja seda hoida, võime üheskoos panustada ka sellesse, et meid ümbritsev keskkond

In the same way that we can bring nature to the city and keep it, we can also contribute to the fact that the environment around us promotes the growth of plants. Dambis contributes to reducing the dominance of cars and encourages people to use light transport vehicles. The Segmo park bench cleverly combines a bicycle rack, a seating area and a round opening through which a lush tree can grow.

To reduce pollution, Dambis has also created ashtrays with a delicate appearance, the presence of which prevents cigarettes from getting into the soil and seawater. The Sammu ashtray with a classic design goes well with both plant containers and park benches and thereby improves the living environment of all of us. In this way, we ensure that both people and our beloved plants have a good life in the urban space.

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