Dogs in the city – three ways to make city life more pleasant for your pet



Dogs are great in every way. They provide good company, lower stress levels, and they might even make us more attractive on dating apps. Dogs find just as much joy in their owners: when a dog and its human look into each other’s eyes, the happy hormone oxytocin is released in both of their bodies.

Keeping pets in the city is not a new phenomenon. Even back in the cities of Ancient Greece, many women considered tiny Maltese lapdogs to be their most expensive possessions. City dogs gained particular popularity at the beginning of the last century: in 1944, a series of pictures were published in New York, where several public figures such as the artist Earle Winslow and the actress Joan Caulfield were walking their furry pets on the city streets.

Today, when many people are able to work from a home office and go for a nice walk in the park during their lunch break, dogs are more visible in the cityscape than ever before. Some experts even find that urban dogs enjoy better lives and live longer than their rural counterparts.

In order for both animals and their owners to be able to spend fun and safe time in the city, Dambis has put together a selection of dog-friendly products. With its smart, durable, and environmentally friendly urban furniture, Dambis contributes to making the city a pleasant living environment for everyone.

  1. Spend a moment and relax with your dog

Should you need to tie your shoelaces, read the newspaper, or just take a break in the middle of a nice walk with your furry friend, a bench that the dog leash can easily be attached to comes in handy. Benches with closed armrests are especially good for this, because the leash cannot slip off them unexpectedly. For example, the NeoBarcino park bench, which looks minimalist with its classic design and is suitable for any urban space, is suited for attaching a leash.

The Kuru park bench with a bolder design and its fine lines has a slightly Japanese feel and is well suited for parks and courtyards. The version with a backrest as well as the one without a backrest has a comfortable closed armrest, which helps a playful dog stay in one place for a moment.

The modern-looking park bench Arq, with its natural tropical wood creates a close-to-nature atmosphere in an urban space, and it is also suitable for holding a dog leash. The highly durable bench is impregnated with moisture and fungus protection agents and the frames are made of laminated steel. A bench that is weatherproof and durable is a good investment for many years.

Dambis cares about the environment and knows that nature-friendly urban furniture means a better environment for both people and animals. So, for example, the soothing-coloured Citizen park bench in can also be ordered as a recycled polymer model. Citizen carries the Blue Angel eco-label and firmly withstands various weather conditions.

  1. Securely enclose your dog’s play area

While walks and playtime should be safe for all of us, public spaces inevitably come with various dangers. In order for the pet to be protected and stay under the watchful eye of the owner, it is worth thinking about edging a green area or a light traffic road.

The stylishly designed spiral shaped garden fence Protector is effective and makes it harder for both animals and small children to run out of the play area. The fence is completely made of steel, which makes the product extremely resistant to this type of use.

A more classic solution is offered by St-Andre garden fences, which are ideal for separating driveways and light traffic. The fence is made of hot-dip galvanized steel and can withstand intensive use and harsh weather conditions. The St-Andre fence is easy to install, it can be fitted using a movable metal base or concreted into the ground.

  1. Keep the urban space clean

There are two kinds of people: those who think of dogs as cute balls of fur, and those who are horrified by their droppings that melt out from under the snow. Dambis helps keep this problem under control: we have designed special rubbish bins for dog parks and residential areas.

In order for the streets to remain clean and for dogs to feel welcome in the city, it is extremely important to ensure a hygienic living environment for everyone. The rubbish bin City 60 Doggy has a front flap that closes securely, which in turn prevents moisture from entering the bin and reduces unpleasant odours.

The Raila Dog SRD1 paper bag holder with a cute terrier motif takes cleanliness to a new level: every passing dog owner can easily grab a paper bag from here. The paper bag holder is intended for FEDOG paper bags with a built-in scoop, which make cleaning up after your pet sanitary and more convenient.

It is also possible to order the Raila Dog SRD2 model, which in addition to the paper bag holder also has a garbage container. The galvanized container holds 15 litres of used paper bags and with its small dimensions and classic design remains delicate in an urban space. All this for happier dogs and cleaner streets!


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