Pavilion Basic Bicycle and bus shelters

Brand : FINBIN

Our BASIC pavilion is an ideal solution for connecting bike parks and keeping bikes safe and protected. The BASIC pavilion is not limited to practicality, but also offers spaciousness and is perfect for various locations.

The BASIC pavilion is designed for particularly versatile use. It is the optimal choice for apartment associations, being a suitable bicycle shelter for both apartment building and townhouse yard. BASIC has also found its place at schools and shopping centers, making bike parking easy and organized.

The BASIC Pavilion series is designed with versatility in mind. Different combinations of elements make it possible to create a strong roof solution suitable for any environment. The roof of the pavilion is made of transparent polycarbonate, ensuring both light and protection. Basic’s frame is made of durable 50x50x2 mm steel and decorated with hand-painted base paint and purple powder coating. BASIC offers a number of different bicycle mounts, ensuring a solution for every user’s needs. Bike mounts can be chosen for mountain bikes, city bikes or scooters.

Choose the BASIC pavilion to create a functional, stylish and practical solution for bike parking in any environment.


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    Tech specs


    Length: 4690 mm

    Width: 2465 mm

    Height: 2420 mm


    Fastening with bolts to a base or concrete slab

    Additional information

    Various RAL colors are available

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    Hot-Dip Galvanized and Powder Coated