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Park Bench Twistula

A distinctive element – bench or work of art? This object of lapidary shape – into a block of a hewed trunk – is special due to its apparent twisting. Other designs do not have this twisting in order to be special and to make this refined detail apparent in a set of several pieces. We are convinced – when placing several blocks randomly – this makes the objects the most apparent. The wood is constantly working and significant cracks underline the natural appearance of the material.


The seat is realized by a single piece of solid wood to which two galvanized feet are attached with stainless crews.

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3200 × 400 × 440 mm
Weight: 450 kg
3200 × 400 × 440 mm
Weight: 360 kg
400 × 400 × 440 mm
Weight: 52 kg

Standard Equipment

Untreated wood, which nature processes beautifully over time


Two galvanized legs with stainless steel fasteners
Bolted to hard surfaces

Drawings / files


  • Hot-Dip Galvanized


  • Oak

  • Douglas fir wood

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Product: Park Bench Twistula

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