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Park bench Sadka

A robust bench suitable especially where there is a higher risk of vandalism. The strength and resistance of this bench are ensured by its solid steel structure made from solid strips designed to be firmly built into. Due to its design and selection of material, it is suitable for places such as outlying places used for relaxing – by cycling trails, in troubled settlements, and wherever not common handling with a product is expected.


The bench includes the hot-dip galvanized supporting structure. A seat and backrest consist of boards inserted among the parts of the structure and secured with metric screws and nuts.

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With backrest:
1600 / 1800x667x798 mm
Without backrest:
1600 / 1800x397x440 mm


It is intended for firm concrete embedding in the base and therefore the collection is protected from theft even from outlying locations

Additional Accessories

Engraving on wood or galvanized sheet metal;
Available in all RAL colors for painting metal parts



  • Hot-Dip Galvanized


  • Thermowood Pine

  • Oak

  • Spruce

  • Tropical wood

RAL colours

  • 9005

  • 9006

  • 9007

  • 7016

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Product: Park bench Sadka

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