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Litter bin Tor

Made of pine wood, the litter bin Tor has been meant for outdoor use. Tor is one of our most natural looking litter bins that is suitable for using for example in a park, playground or beach. The structure of the litter bin has been made of rust-coloured Cor-Ten steel, in the bin, there is a stainless-steel container. Using a standard key, the bin can be opened from the front for emptying. The Tor litter bin that is in the same product line with the park bench Tor also matches with park benches Alp and Lao. The litter bin Tor is effective also if standing alone. The litter bin’s wooden details have been treated with a wood protecting agent.


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Litter bin bottom: 410 x 400 mm
Height: 970 mm
Capacity: 50 liters


Fixed on the ground with anchor bolts


  • Corten Steel


  • Pine

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Product: Litter bin Tor

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