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Litter bin CitySolar Outdoor litter bins

Brand : FINBIN

City Solar is a next-generation compacting smart bin designed for the collection of waste in urban environments. It is the ideal

The CitySolar trash can is equipped with a solar-powered compression device that compresses the trash in the 240 l container, so the collection volume can be used significantly more efficiently. In many cases, the emptying frequency can be reduced by approx. 5-10 times.

Watch the video to see how CitySolar works!

CitySolar is compatible with Finbin®Care or Track It Simple. Finbin®Care or Track It Simple is an application that uses mobile technology and has been developed for the maintenance and management of streets and parks. Full notification of CitySolar collectors can be sent directly to those responsible for the discharge via Finbin®Care or the Track It Simple system.


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    Tech specs


    Depth: 960 mm (with push-in pedal)

    Width: 780 mm

    Height: 1500 mm

    Hatch width: 380 mm

    Internal container options: 240 liters or 360 liters (with a larger back panel)

    Capacity: up to 2000 liters

    Standard Equipment

    Hinged door
    Available in all RAL colours
    Emptying with 240 l container
    Models working on electricity or solar panels

    Additional Accessories

    Usage of banners
    Customized options
    Integration to excisting IT system


    Hot-Dip Galvanized and Powder Coated