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brand: FINBIN

City Solar is a next-generation compacting smart bin designed for the collection of waste in urban environments. It is the ideal solution where large collection capacities are required on public streets and parks. City Solar reduces the required number of maintenance visits, saving the environment and increasing the cost effectiveness of waste management, by decreasing the required frequency of visits for emptying it.


It is ideally applicable for general waste management logistics, as the 240 litres wheeled waste container, which is used as the inner containers of the collection equipment, can be emptied directly into the container of a waste truck or another vehicle fitted with a container tipping device.


This smart bin has a large capacity allowing waste to be collected in large amounts, is equipped with a solar-powered compression unit, which compresses the material collected in the inner container, and thus the collection capacity can be utilised effectively. The frequency of emptying can be reduced, on a number of cases, even by 80-90%.


City Solar is fitted with a patented fill-level measurement technology, which measures the fill capacity and indicates the levels via small traffic light signals on the front of the bin. Its layouts can be fully customised according to their locations through the use of different colours. Additionally, it is also possible to use different materials on the side panels, or print images or textures for the panels.


The City Solar and City Pack bins have already been installed in a number of sites including City of Solna (Sweden), City of Tampere (Finland), Korkeasaari Zoo (Finland) and more.


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    Tech specs


    Depth: 915 mm

    Width: 750 mm

    Height: 1440 mm

    Capacity: 240 liters

    Standard Equipment

    Hinged door
    Available in all RAL colours
    Emptying with 240 l container
    Models working on electricity or solar panels

    Additional Accessories

    Usage of banners
    Customized options
    Integration to excisting IT system

    Files / Drawings

    DWGProduct sheetDrawing


    Hot-Dip Galvanized and Powder Coated