Town Hall Square, Tallinn

Town Hall Square is located in the heart of Tallinn’s old town, where the Tallinn Town Hall, the oldest town hall in Northern Europe, is also located. There you can see a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, the construction history of which dates back to the 13th century. The history of the development of the town hall square itself began in the 10th century. A real historical treasure to be very proud of!

Now you can also find a CitySolar litter bin, which is an innovator in the world of trash sorting, in the Town Hall Square! The CitySolar trash can is equipped with a solar-powered compression device that compresses the rubbish in the 240l container, so the collection volume can be used significantly more efficiently. It is especially suitable for crowded places such as the Town Hall Square. In many cases, the emptying frequency can be reduced by approx. 5-10 times. CitySolar is compatible with a mobile app Finbin®Care or Track It Simple, which is an application developed for the maintenance and management of streets and parks. The system sends notifications when the litter bin needs to be emptied and even collects statistics, such as how many times the bin is opened during the day.

Watch the video to see how CitySolar works!

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