Kärdla Primary School, Hiiumaa

The year 1830 is considered the beginning of school education in Kärdla, when the children of factory workers were taught the mother tongue, maths, religious education and German. In 1940, Kärdla got a high school. A major educational reform took place again in 2016, when part of the high school was closed, a state high school was created and Kärdla Primary School became the legal successor of Kärdla High School. The teaching and educational work of Kärdla Primary School is based on three values: creativity, friendliness and eagerness to learn.

In the yard of Kärdla Primary School, you can now find many yellow PROBIKE bike racks that match the school wonderfully. The yellow color is friendly and stands out well. Rubber parts attached to the structure provide protection and durability to the children’s bicycle frame, preventing scratches and paint damage. Look, it was a very great project!

Products used in this project