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The moisture- and weather-proof Pik table is an exceptional example of a classic picnic table in a modern way. Table Pik is made of 100% recycled plastic. It is an environmentally friendly and economical product that is not damaged by oil, acids or seawater. Thanks to this, the outdoor table is suitable for use on promenades and by the sea, where the air is moist from salt water and corrosion can easily occur on the metal.

Since the picnic table is made of plastic, it is not threatened by rust or salt water, and it maintains its strength and appearance even when it gets wet all the time. Laud Pik is also scratch-resistant, long-lasting and dries quickly, which makes it especially good for use around bodies of water, such as picnic areas by lakes and rivers.

The table has been awarded the Blue Angel (Der Blaue Engel) environmental label. The Blue Angel eco-label is given to environmentally friendly products.


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    Tech specs


    Length: 1800 mm
    Width: 1738 mm
    Table height: 760 mm
    Seat height: 460 mm

    Standard equipment

    100% recycled plastic
    Anti-graffiti coating

    Additional information

    Cracks in wood are a very common phenomenon. Due to variations in weather, temperature and humidity, wood tends to expand and contract, and this is when these cracks appear. This does not mean that the tables will be less resistant or have a shorter lifespan, as cracks are a natural characteristic to this type of material.

    Bolted into the ground


    Recycled Plastic