Tallink MyStar, Tallinn-Helsinki

MyStar, the brightest star of the Baltic Sea, now sails between Tallinn and Helsinki. It is the most modern and energy-efficient LNG ship in Tallink’s fleet, with a speed of 27 knots. The 212.2-meter ship can accommodate a total of 2,800 passengers and over 200 crew members. MyStar has 12 decks with 14 passenger compartments.

At MyStar’s Sun Deck, you can find Dambis litter bins STADIUM. At the seating areas, STADIUM has been chosen with a soft wood exterior finish, and in the smoking area, the trash can has been chosen as a more robust option with a completely powder-coated finish. Among the passenger areas of MyStar, you can find several ZELL sorting trash cans, which with their clean design beautifully complement the interior design of the ship.