Seli forest park, Tallinn

A wonderful family park has been built in the Seli forest between Ümera kindergarten and Lasnamäe elementary school. The park is designed for everyone. You can find two playgrounds, one is for smaller children and the other for older children. A training area with exercise machines was also built on the southern side of the park, while a pleasant relaxing area was built in the middle. They also thought of dogs with two separate courts built in the Seli park, one for bigger dogs and the other for smaller dogs. 

In Seli forest park, you will find many comfortable and stylish BETLA park benches where you can sit and enjoy the fresh air. In addition, modern PETA plant containers decorate roadsides and act as a border for the park. The structure of both benches and plant containers is made of light concrete and covered with a soft wood finish. 

Products used in this project