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Seesaw Rider Urban Swings

Dambis-Seesaws-Seesaw Rider Urban

Seesaw Rider Urban is colourful and durable. It can be combined with larger playgrounds or it is also a nice addition to smaller gardens and areas.

POLES, Wood: We use laminated scandinavian machine strength graded pinewood to avoid cracks and ensure the structural strength of supports. The wood is treated in an autoclave (risk class IV).

PANELS, HDPE: High-density polyethylene characterized by its resistance to chemical abrasives and unaffected by corrosion as it is a polymer. Due to its light, elastic nature, it offers high resistance to impact, making it very difficult to break. The colour uniformity of the whole structure grants a continuous and homogenous finish. Its synthetic base prevents the appearance of bacteria, fungus and lichen.

Plastic parts: injected HDPE, injected PP, injected PEAD and injected LDPE.

Metallic Parts: different metal compounds used which are resistant to corrosion like as stainless steel and hot-galvanized steel and powder coating. Pipes made of stainless Steel AISI-304.

Fixings: Steel conforming to 8.8 DIN267, AISI-304 or AISI-316.


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    Tech specs


    Length: 1520 mm
    Width: 480 mm
    Height: 890 mm


    Laminated pinewood
    Injected HDPE, PP, PEAD, LDPE
    Stainless steel, galvanized steel


    Fixed on the ground with anchor bolts


    Thermowood Pine



    Stainless Steel

    Hot-Dip Galvanized and Powder Coated