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Playground element Guat Playground Equipment


Introducing Guat, the climbing net that’s perfect for bigger children and fits perfectly into any playground! With this spider net the kids can climb until their hearts are full!

The structure of Guat is made with hot-dip galvanised steel poles, which are the centre of the fundamental structure of 3D nets. These poles stabilise the rocking of the product and support heavy loads from several axes, ensuring that kids can play with ease and safety.

The nets of Guat are made with anti-vandal reinforced rope, which are specifically designed for this product. They consist of a fibre or steel core surrounded by 6 twisted steel cables covered in polyamide. The diameters of the ropes are selected according to weight and equipment tension, and they provide high resistance to UV rays and corrosion. Connectors made of nylon fit perfectly into the net diameter and prevent it from moving.

As with any playground equipment, if Guat is subject to severe use, maintenance should be increased. It’s important to check the maintenance instructions and ensure that installation/maintenance is ready before use. The impact zone requires security area and ground coverings according to the EN1176-1:2017 standard.


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    Tech specs


    Length: 8613 mm

    Width: 8613 mm

    Height: 2400 mm

    Additional information

    None of the materials require special treatment
    If the product is used intensively, care should be increased
    Do not use the product until installation/maintenance is complete
    Check the care instructions


    Stainless Steel

    Hot-Dip Galvanized and Powder Coated