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Rami, a plant container made of Cor-Ten steel plate, is suitable for use on terraces, balconies, gardens, parks, city streets and house fronts, wherever there is a desire to decorate the surroundings with flower beauty. The container is spacious enough and smaller ornamental trees or larger flowers that need a deeper layer of soil can also be planted in it.

Cor-Ten is almost pure patinated carbon steel. Thanks to patination, the steel has acquired a rust-colored tone, which becomes darker over time. The plant container Rami goes perfectly with the Ner plant container and Olea series products, which are also made of Cor-Ten steel.

The plant container stands freely and stably, it is not fixed. Various bases are suitable under the container – pavement, asphalt, wood, plastic, grass, etc.


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    Tech specs


    Total height: 1030 mm
    (including base height 30 mm)
    Diameter: 500 mm

    Standard equipment

    Maintenance free
    Cor-Ten steel becomes more rusty over time



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