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Modul Bin Shelter


Modul bin shelter is a flexible and versatile solution to your waste collection point’s needs. It can be used with all the commonly known waste bin models. Bin shelters can be connected to each other from the ends to form an unified combination of several bin shelters. Modul adjusts to different environments perfectly.


Different panel options are available for double doors and end elements (excluding the Maxi model that has the option only for the double doors).


Standard colour is RAL7024 but other RAL colours and our own FinBin Black -colour are available as an option. The loading aperture is equipped with hinged, gas spring-supported loading hatch. The loading hatch can be equipped with 2-cylinder lock housing. The client can then serialize the locks for the real estate’s keys.


We have also taken into account the fire safety of waste collection points and Modul 1 model is also available as an fire-isolated version. The inside of the bin shelter is lined with A1 category non-combustible fireproof panels.


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Modul Solo:
1000x940x1660 mm
Capacity: 1x370 L (max)

Modul Duo:
1000x1790x1660 mm
Capacity: 2x370 L (max)

Modul 1:
1000x1500x1660 mm
Capacity: 2x360 L (max), 1x660 L

Modul XL:
1000x1990x1660 mm
Capacity: 3x360 L (max), 1x660 L+1x240 L (max)

1490x1040x1660 mm
Capacity: 1x660 L, waste container stored lengthwise

Modul MAXI
1490x1990x1660 mm
Capacity: 2x660 L, waste container stored lengthwise


M10 with anchor bolts for hard surfaces

Additional options

Specially colored wood panels or metal construction


  • Hot-Dip Galvanized and Powder Coated

RAL colours

  • 7024

  • 9005

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Product: Modul Bin Shelter

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