Indoor litter bin Basilea

Maybe a cardboard box is not the best option as a recycling bin, but what if it’s covered by a metallic sleeve? Introducing internal litter bin Basilea, made of white lacquered metal and an anthracite lid. Who are we trying to kid? The exterior is important too.


Litter bin Basilea is a container for recycling solid waste. Integrated inner cardboard container with double-layer to hold the plastic bag. Metal shellcoating removable for emptying. White body and anthracite upper lid. Choose your wastes logos.


The shaping of metal parts by folds leaves no cutting part and gives great rigidity. The head is made of metal and can be removed to remove the bag. For use in step or offices spaces, ensuring recycling to the user, in this case we recommend the use of finish colors approved.


Finished with white epoxy paint RAL9003 and head anthracite Ral 7016. Customizationis vynil colors depending on the type of recycling (blue, green and yellow).

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Dambis-Litter bins-Internal litter bin Basilea


290 x 350 x 730 mm
Capacity: 40 L
Weight: 7 kg



Additional Accessories

Possible to add text, logo
Available in various colors - blue, green, yellow


RAL colours

  • 9003

  • 7016

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Product: Indoor litter bin Basilea

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