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Drinking Fountain Ges Drinking Fountains


The Ges drinking fountain is environmentally friendly. The structure is made of vegetable composite mass. The faucet and mounting bracket are nickel-plated. With this drinking water faucet, you are environmentally friendly, and the product is also resistant to harsh weather conditions and humidity.

The drinking fountain with a red brick tone appearance is suitable in front of buildings of a similar style and in other outdoor areas where it would be convenient for people to use it.


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    Tech specs


    Depth: 800 mm

    Width: 300 mm

    Height 1: 870 mm

    Height: 1020 mm


    Floor mount with four Ø10 screws, not included

    Additional information

    Grate made of high-strength cast iron. Nickel-plated faucet and mounting bracket.

    Finish: spray-painted Corten steel effect