Litter bin Lausanne

Litter bin Lausanne is a high-capacity, solid litter bin for public spaces. A modern and elegant design made from sheet metal combined with aliminium. For interiors and exteriors, it’s an ideal solution for larger spaces.


It is made of a lid and a base in aluminium cast iron. On the lib, there is an aluminium piece which can be used as a simple lid, or as an ashtray; this ashtray can be easily emptied. The body is in steel or stainless steel of 1 mm, with punched holes. The assembling of the lid, the body and the base is done with rivets. Under the lid, there is a metallic ring to put the plastic bag. Thank to its base with punched holes, the container does not keep the water in case of rain and outside use.


Its design and capacity make of it an ideal product for commercial centres. In case of use for recycling, appropriate colours can be required: yellow, blue, green, grey, white and black. Lid and base are in aluminium cast iron, with ashtray lid in anodized aluminium. Available in anthracite painting colour or RAL 9006 grey, recycling colours (blue, green, yellow) or satin stainless steel.

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Product: Litter bin Lausanne

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