Litter bin Nyon

Litter bin Nyon represents high capacity, ruggedness and great design. Ultimately a large metal bin designed for the world of contract. Adaptable for outdoors and with or without ashtray, can be customized in both colour, pattern and design structure.


It is a metallic bin with high capacity to cover indoor and outdoor environments for public or private use. It consists of two cylinders that create an outer “skin” with perforated drawing and an inner cylinder that hides the bag. The entire structure is made of iron with epoxy paint. The top is painted and spun out to get this shape. The cover is made of aluminum and steel.


Outside of the bin is covered with epoxy powder coating: white, black and brown graphite or oxide finishes, there are four standard drawing patterns: organic, circles, points and lines. Paint for interior can be black or silver matte 9003.

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Product: Litter bin Nyon

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