Internal litter bin Vevey

A product that makes you smile, that surprises you and that gives life to any environment. The Vevey is a unique recycling bin, focused since its conception to stand out from the crowd. Assembled in six panels giving easy access. Modern, thanks to the combination of materials used. And completely different from other regular litter bins.


Vevey consists of 6 individual panels, four of them made from lacquered 1.22 mm folded sheet metal with the remaining two made from 3 mm thick Thermoforming plastic. Held together by 8 screws, which allow the recycling bin to be shipped flatpacked and can be assembled and disassembled very easily. Interior ring which hold bags in 3 mm thick sheet metal. Rubber stoppers in the base for protection of the surface where it is located.


Panels of textured white matt plastic. Lacquered metallic sheets. The lacquer ensures good protection from external or severe atmospheric conditions. Illustration of the vinyl pictogram in different colors. Codes of RAL color specified.

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Product: Internal litter bin Vevey

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