Park Bench Robusta

According to its name, it is a robust, almost monumental bench of simple expression. A massive seat and backrest consisted of glued profiles are supported by two simple concrete sideboards. The joints between the wood and concrete are provided with metallic elements so that it is possible to assemble the bench in place quite easily. The shape of the bench is designed in order to be suitable for specific seating of the young generation – higher seated position on the backrest with feet on the seat.

The sideboards are made of architectural solid concrete. The seat and backrest form prisms made of glued solid wood attached to the galvanized metal fitting with hidden stainless screws. The metal fitting is firmly attached to the sideboards with threaded rods. At the bottom part of the sideboards there are four holes for possible pins. The pins are used for placing the bench into the exact position and prevent it from possible moving.

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Product: Park Bench Robusta

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