Squid Table

With its round shape, Squid is perfect for social interaction. And with its great strength and safe construction, adults can also sit at the table. The Squid table’s restricted size increases the closeness between adults and children when they are around it. It can create cosy moments, while there is room for togetherness and closeness between children and adults, and so quality time and plenty of well-being for children.


The table’s expression changes depending on where you look at it from, which is due to the slight asymmetry of the legs at the opening of the bench. It gives the table personality and also has a vital functional significance. The opening in the bench helps those to sit down who are not sure-footed enough to swing their leg up and over the bench.The round top bracket assembles the table, which is very practical, but it can also be part of the game, where you place a bucket of sand or bowl of fruit right in the centre for everybody to reach

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Diameter of the bench: 1430 mm
Diameter of table: 820 mm
Height: 640 mm

Standart equipment

Guide ring
Table top
Top bracket


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Product: Squid Table

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