Scoopi seat

The soft and round shapes of the Scoop series means they are very well-suited for parks or playgrounds. At a picnic area or a peaceful location, in large surroundings, like government offices or private workplaces. Here you can enjoy a little coffee break or plan the day.The Scoop series can also be placed on a platform, in a train station in long rows or in large halls, where you need to sit and rest a while before continuing.


The Scoopi Seat is designed with the slogan “never alone” in mind. It is ideal for socializing and gatherings at public
meeting places. Scoopi should be placed together with one or more Scoopis and/or with a Scoop Planter.


When buying a Scoopi, a Scoopi Button is included, as well as a bracket to fasten the Scoopi to the surface and to attachthe Scoopi Button to the Scoopi. Whether you need to fasten the Scoopi or it will just stand without being fastened, theScoopi Button MUST be fastened to the bracket. For any additional fastening, screw at the front until it is hidden in therubber, so the Scoopi Button cannot be unscrewed. Scoopi Table Top is fitted exactly as the Scoopi Button. See the as-sembly instructions for mounting the Scoopi Seat indoors and outdoors on different surfaces. The outer part of Scoopi Seat is made from rotational moulded polyethylene (plastic). The plastic is UV-resistant and with stands all weather from -30 to +50 Celsius (not above 60). Scoopi Button – the middle part where you primarily sit – is made of granulated rubber that is water permeable and very durable.


Scoopi seat is available in fewer colours than Scoop. They come in the standard Scoopi Button colours.

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Diameter: 73 cm
Height: 40 cm
Weight: 6,5 kg
Button weight: 4,5 kg


Fixed on the ground
Free stand

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Product: Scoopi seat

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