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Park Bench Sibela

A bench series of simple design and logic structure using subtle concrete sideboards. Their lapidary shape and size are suitable for the projects of modern architecture, especially in the urban context.


The supporting structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel. A seat and backrest are consisted of longitudinally or transversely mounted solid wooden boards attached to the supporting structure with stainless screws. The supporting structure is attached to the concrete sideboards with eight metric bolts. At the bottom of the sideboards there are four threaded holes allowing to anchor the bench to the base.

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Dambis-Pargipingid-Pargipink Sibela


1800x476x444mm / 95kg
476x444mm / 100kg

Standard Equipment

Surface finishing options: Brushed Stainless steel, Hot-Dip Galvanised steel, Hot-Dip Galvanised steel + powder coated


Fixed on the ground with anchor bolts
Concrete foundation


  • silebetoon

    Smooth Concrete


  • Oak

  • Thermowood Pine

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Product: Park Bench Sibela

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