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Litter bin Stadium

New series of flat litter bins STADIUM with variable design. Both single litter bins, as well as litter bins for sorted waste, are available. The front lockable door can be made of wooden vertical slats, sheet metal, or perforated sheet. You can also choose from variants with and without an integrated cigarette extinguisher with an ashtray.

The galvanized steel structure is treated with powder coating. At the bottom part of the leg, there are holes for anchoring to the base.

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Vt. täpsemaid mõõte variatsioonide joonistest


Fixed on the ground with anchor bolts

Additional information

One or three parts
Also available with integrated cigarette extinguisher and ashtray
Different exterior finishing options

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  • Tropical wood

  • Thermowood Pine


  • Hot-Dip Galvanized and Powder Coated

RAL colours

  • 9005

  • 9006

  • 9007

  • 7016

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Product: Litter bin Stadium

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