Indoor litter bin Ginebra

A litter bin with multiple personalities. Simple and with a friendly aesthetic which is available in three different options allowing you to choose one or two types of waste. It’s metal base and its colourful polypropylene body with the flexibility to resist possible impacts.

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GIN 01: Ø33 x 43 cm — 18 L, 0,6 kg
GIN 02: Ø33 x 34 cm — 10 + 10 L, 0,7 kg
GIN 03: Ø33 x 34 cm — 6 + 13 L, 0,8 kg


Bin made from 0.8mm Plakene and foamed 4mm PVC. Base in 0.8 mm sheet metal. The main body body and construction elements unified using 8 nylon clips and plastic rivets.

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Product: Indoor litter bin Ginebra

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