Touch free disinfection station Modelo M

The touch free disinfectant gel holder with a pedal is meant for sanitizing hands and preventing infections in public buildings, shopping centres, offices, hospitals, accommodation establishments and elsewhere. The disinfection device can be filled with different types of cleaning solutions, the volume of the container is 1 litre and it is sufficient for up to 1,000 applications. The disinfection station is sturdy and durable, made of stainless steel. The base socket improves stability and the device does not need special installation; however, it can be fixed to the ground fitting 4 Dynabolt anchors. The touch free Modelo M disinfection station is a patented product.

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Height of the ground post: 960 mm
Post diameter: 100 mm
Upper opening height: 70 mm

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Product: Touch free disinfection station Modelo M

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