Litter bin City 60 Doggy


The elegant and strong FinBin City Doggy litter bin can be placed in dog parks and along dog-outing routes. It has an aperture with a steel flap on a secure metal chute. This ensures hygienic disposal of the dog waste, it diminishes smell and prevents the contents from displaying when using the bin. When the flap closes, the waste drops into the liner.

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Size: 400*715 mm (Ø*h)
Aperture: 300*120 mm (w*h)
Weight: 28 kg
Capacity: Liner for 47 L
Material thickness: 2,0 mm

Standard Equipment

Stainless Steel elements
Hot-Dip Galvanised inner container
Triangle Lock
Hinged door


On the wall
Metal post
Ground post
Plate post



  • Hot-Dip Galvanized and Powder Coated

  • Stainless Steel

RAL colours

  • 6005

  • 6009

  • 7024

  • 9005

  • 9006

  • 9007

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Product: Litter bin City 60 Doggy

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