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Backless Bench NeoBarcino

Neobarcino Bench comes in different models: bench, seat, long bench, bench without backrest and high bench without backrest.


Sober and smart, the Neobarcino Bench is one of the most popular products from the Benito Urban product range. The Neobarcino Bench can be supplied in FSC wood from controlled felling and, optionally, with cast aluminium feet. The bench is also available in different wood colour finishes.


The Neobarcino Bench can be personalised with permanent marking to identify the site furnishing with its municipality.


The original comes with three layers of paint and a special protective treatment against corrosion.

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Length: 1800 mm
Width: 630 mm
Total height: 655 mm
Seat height: 460 mm

Standard Equipment

Covered with 3 layers of paint and treatment against corrosion
Anchored or concrete base

Additional Accessories

Marking on wood or metal plate
Various models
FSC wood available
Various wood colours
Aluminium legs available



  • Ductile Iron

  • Powder-Coated steel

RAL colours

  • 9006


  • Tropical Wood

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Product: Backless Bench NeoBarcino

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