Akva Bicycle shelter

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Dambis-Ootepaviljonid-Rattaparkla Akva

Standard Measurements

Measurements: depth 1450 mm x height 2421 mm x length 2731 mm
Frame square tubes 80×80 mm
Roof arches 50×30 mm


Frame: Powder-Coated Steel, Frame standard colour: RAL 7024. Other colour options are also available.
Roof: Polycarbonate, flat or corrucated
Walls: Tempered Glass

Aluminum sheets Powder-Coated


Delivered fully assembled on concrete slab or in parts for installation on top of concrete footing or slab.

Drawings / Files


  • Powder-Coated steel

  • Hot-Dip Galvanized

RAL colours

  • 7024

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Product: Akva Bicycle shelter

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