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Akva Bicycle shelter Bicycle and bus shelters

brand: FINBIN

Bicycle shelter Akva is a weatherproof option for storing bicycles. Different modules can be connected to each other, which adds the product many functionalities and practical values. For example, Akva bicycle shelter can be also combined with Akva bus shelter. Shelter can be fastened with anchor bolts into concrete base or another suitable surface. Special solutions based on client needs can be implemented upon request.


The bicycle shelter is compatible with several Dambis bicycle rack models, ask for more.


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    Tech specs


    Length: 4000 mm
    Width: 1550 mm
    Height: 2530 mm
    Steel pipes: 80×80 mm
    Roof arches: 50×30 mm


    Frame: Powder-Coated Steel, Frame standard colour: RAL 7024. Other colour options are also available.
    Roof: Polycarbonate, flat or corrucated
    Walls: Tempered Glass

    Aluminum sheets Powder-Coated


    Delivered fully assembled on concrete slab or in parts for installation on top of concrete footing or slab.


    Powder-Coated steel

    Hot-Dip Galvanized